Disaster Response to Hurricane Harvey

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), through its Disaster Assistance Program, will be coordinating with local components, agencies and other building industry organizations on Hurricane Harvey Response efforts.

This notice is intended to make you aware of what is being done by AIA and how you can assist. Once flood waters recede, SAP or ATC-trained architects may be needed by state or local jurisdictions to perform rapid or safety assessments of homes and buildings.

Please refer to AIA’s Hurricane Harvey Disaster Response Updates for ongoing information about safety assessments and other types of volunteer opportunities. Shelter for evacuees and first responders continues as a critical challenge.

Looking for Additional Ways to Volunteer Your Time or Donate?
AIA Strategic Council member Judy Johnson AIA offers the following recommendations received from a fellow councilor in Houston: “If you are inclined to donate to #HarveyRelief please consider these local organizations. The Red Cross will get many donations in the coming weeks, but sometimes these local groups can do much more with much less money.”

Galveston County Foodback

Corpus Christi Foodbank

Houston Food Bank

Texas Diaper Bank

Houston Coalition for the Homeless  The Coalition for the Homeless is an umbrella organization coordinating shelters and organizations across the city.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR)

Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief units are now prepositioned in Texas as residents continue to struggle with rain, flooding, and destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Heart to Heart  had a disaster response team and mobile medical unit deploying Friday morning from Kansas City to arrive in Texas ahead of the storm.