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Read a February 4 email alert from AIA Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Relationships, Sarah Dodge

Read more about the draft executive order in Architectural Record’s “Will the White House Order Federal Architecture To Be Classical?

Read NY Times article about the draft executive order: “Draft Executive Order Would Give Trump a New Target: Modern Design

The AIA is aware (and has been actively addressing this) that there is a draft executive order circulating for consideration by White House officials that would officially designate “classical” architecture as the preferred style for the following building types: federal courthouses, all federal public buildings in the Capital region, and all other federal public buildings whose cost exceed $50 million in modern dollars.

The AIA strongly and unequivocally opposes this change in policy to promote any style of architecture over another for these types of federal buildings across the country. All architectural style has value. We encourage you to take action against any top-down directive which would eliminate a community’s rights to weigh in on the government buildings meant to serve them.