Emerging Professionals

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Emerging Professionals

Western Massachusetts AIA has made great strides in the past several years to engage the greater population of intern architects and designers in the region.

On this page we list events, articles, resources and information of interest to Emerging Professionals in our area.

To suggest additions to this page, please contact WMAIA Executive Director Lorin Starr, or Architect Licensing Advisors Jason Newman and Lindsay Schnarr.

WMAIA and Emerging Professionals

Through the Emerging Professionals (EP) program, any architecture student, recent graduate or architect licensed less than ten years (per the AIA’s definition of Emerging Professionals) is welcomed to participate in the events hosted by the WMAIA that provide EPs with facilitated access to resources tailored toward professional development.

Events offer a variety of opportunities for EPs to build a regional network and connect with one another, as well as to learn about and communicate with established professionals in the area.

Addressing issues and interests found to be most relevant to individuals entering into the field of architecture and design are the focus of the EP meetings which are held every 6 weeks or so at various locations in the Pioneer Valley.



ARE Kaplan Study Guides are available through WMAIA and can be reserved and borrowed by emerging professionals in the area.  Contact WMAIA Executive Director Lorin Starr, or Architect Licensing Advisors Jason Newman or Lindsay Schnarr for access to materials or to be added to the email list.

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Strategizing the ARE Transition
by Jason Newman AIA
As an Architect Licensing Advisor, the majority of questions I have received recently all revolve around the same topic: the transition to ARE 5.0. Although the transition is still over a year away, it is important for ARE candidates to be aware of the potential implications of transitioning now so they can prepare themselves to be in the best position possible when the transition comes around. I am hoping that this article will help identify some of the fundamental considerations and what important information is out there to help candidates make a well-informed decision in the best interest of their long term licensure goals. Read more (article in Word or pdf format)