Western Massachusetts Chapter
The American Institute of Architects



You clicked "humor". Silly, silly you.


Everyone knows architects are uptight, buttoned-down, and don't have senses of humor. And no one else thinks we're funny, either.


But....if you'd like to try tickle our funnybones with architectural humor, please do so.


Jokes, comic strips, websites, etc. are all welcome. Please send via email.





This website, Unhappy Hipsters, is funny. In a quiet, architectural, golfing kind of way. Oodles of photos from Dwell magazine, with drily humorous captions.


An enterprising firm known as "Build" has published a wry and entertaining critical analysis of couch structures - you know, the kind you built as a kid? - in the mode of architectural critique. See it here.


Recipes for delicious food, accompanied by original, funny drawings. What could be better? See 'em here.


Really, really bad architecture jokes. Here.