The City of Northampton is looking for an architect who can help support the City and its community and social service partners in planning for a resilience hub. The resilience hub will support those who face chronic and acute stress due to climate change and other disasters, and social and economic challenges, including a facility that can help in the eventual Covid-19 recovery. The city is looking for an architect who can assist its planning team converting potential  programmatic needs to space planning consequences, options, and cost estimating, help the city create building or site selection criteria, help analyze a few site selection options, and do initial planning to maximize resilience and building efficiencies.

The city’s preference is to reuse an existing building in or near downtown Northampton. The city has some funds for this project, but is hoping to get a consultant who is willing to do some of the work on a pro bono basis. The maximum commission for this work is $9,900 from planning through site selection.

During normal times, the resilience hub will serve those at the frontline of chronic stress (i.e., frontline or climate vulnerable communities, including homeless, Single Room Occupancy residents, climate change migrants, and those living in extreme poverty) and, perhaps, other community needs, building the social trust and capital needed for continuing success.

The resilience hub must be designed, however, so that during times of acute stress or major disruption (e.g., a major storm event, disaster, or pandemic) and during recovery phase, it can serve all residents.

The ServiceNet Resource Center, the Northampton Recovery Center, Forbes Library, and some of our coffee shops and public restaurants serve some of this role today, but they are not sufficient. The resilience hub would not serve overnight guests and would supplement the emergency sheltering role of Smith Vocational School during acute events or the Northampton High School for Covid-19.

Please review the 6-page RFP (download full pdf at right) and contact Wayne Feiden, Northampton’s Director of Planning & Sustainability, at if you or your firm are experienced in this area and might be interested.